Shake - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ʃeɪk|  American pronunciation of the word shake
Brit.  |ʃeɪk|  British pronunciation of the word shake
irregular verb:  p.t. — shook  p.p. — shaken


- building material used as siding or roofing (syn: shingle)
- frothy drink of milk and flavoring and sometimes fruit or ice cream (syn: milkshake)
- a note that alternates rapidly with another note a semitone above it (syn: trill)
- grasping and shaking a person's hand (as to acknowledge an introduction or to agree on a contract) (syn: handclasp, handshake, handshaking)
- a reflex motion caused by cold or fear or excitement (syn: shiver, tremble)
- causing to move repeatedly from side to side (syn: wag, waggle)
- move or cause to move back and forth (syn: agitate)
- move with or as if with a tremor (syn: didder)
- shake or vibrate rapidly and intensively (syn: judder)
- move back and forth or sideways (syn: rock, sway)
- undermine or cause to waver
- stir the feelings, emotions, or peace of (syn: excite, shake up, stimulate, stir)
- get rid of (syn: shake off, throw off)
- bring to a specified condition by or as if by shaking
- shake (a body part) to communicate a greeting, feeling, or cognitive state


The ground shook during the earthquake.

The house shook as the train rumbled by.

The earthquake shook the ground.

Shake the salad dressing well before using it.

I was so nervous that I was shaking like a leaf.

The fugitive couldn't shake the police.

It's hard to shake the feeling that I'm forgetting something.

The news did nothing to shake my belief that things will be okay.

Nothing could shake his faith in God.

He responded to the question with a shake of his head.

Give the dice a shake.

He drank too much coffee and got a bad case of the shakes.

Angrily, she shook off his hand.

Shake up the medicine before drinking it.

A sudden fit of ague shook him.

Phrasal verbs

shake off  — get rid of
shake up  — shock physically

Word forms

I/you/we/they: shake
he/she/it: shakes
present participle: shaking
past tense: shook
past participle: shaken
singular: shake
plural: shakes
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