Shift - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ʃɪft|  American pronunciation of the word shift
Brit.  |ʃɪft|  British pronunciation of the word shift
- an event in which something is displaced without rotation (syn: displacement)
- a qualitative change (syn: transformation, transmutation)
- the time period during which you are at work
- the act of changing one thing or position for another (syn: switch, switching)
- the act of moving from one place to another (syn: shifting)
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- make a shift in or exchange of (syn: change over, switch)
- change place or direction (syn: dislodge, reposition)
- move around (syn: transfer)
- move very slightly (syn: agitate, budge, stir)
- move from one setting or context to another
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I shifted the bag to my other shoulder.

She shifted her position slightly so she could see the stage better.

They shifted him to a different department.

He nervously shifted from foot to foot.

She shifted in her seat.

Public opinion has shifted dramatically in recent months.

Their efforts to shift public opinion have failed.

I wanted to shift the discussion back to the main point.

They tried to shift the blame onto us.

Their attempts at shifting attention away from the controversy seemed to be working.

There will be a shift of responsibility when she takes the new position.

a gradual shift toward more liberal policies

The day shift worked overtime.

The restaurant needed only one shift for lunch.

He works the day shift.

Word forms

I/you/we/they: shift
he/she/it: shifts
present participle: shifting
past tense: shifted
past participle: shifted
singular: shift
plural: shifts
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