Bright - traduction, prononciation, transcription

Amer.  |braɪt|  American pronunciation of the word bright
Brit.  |braɪt|  British pronunciation of the word bright


- ayant une couleur forte ou frappanteEd (syn: brilliant, vivid)
bright dress
- caractérisé par la rapidité et la facilité d'apprentissageEd (syn: smart)
some children are brighter in one subject than another
- avoir beaucoup de lumière naturelle ou artificielleEd
the room was bright and airy
a stage bright with spotlights
- rendu lisse et brillant par ou comme par frottement; Ed (syn: burnished, lustrous, shining, shiny)
bright silver candlesticks
- splendideEd
the bright stars of stage and screen
a bright moment in history
the bright pageantry of court
- clair et net et résonnantEd (syn: brilliant)
the bright sound of the trumpet section
- caractérisé par le bonheur ou la joieEd
bright faces
all the world seems bright and gay
- susceptible de bien se passer à l'avenirEd (syn: hopeful, promising)
had a bright future in publishing


- avec luminositéEd (syn: brightly, brilliantly)
the windows glowed jewel bright

Matrix of words


- brillantbrilliant, bright, shiny, polished, glossy, shining
- clairclear, light, bright, plain, fair, lucid
- vifbright, lively, live, keen, vivid, sharp
- éclatantbright, brilliant, dazzling, glowing, shining, radiant
- radieuxradiant, bright, beaming, sunny, jubilant, gleeful
- intelligentintelligent, smart, clever, bright, brainy, brilliant
- gaicheerful, gay, merry, happy, jolly, bright
- luisantshiny, shining, glossy, gleaming, slick, bright
- joyeuxjoyful, happy, merry, joyous, cheerful, bright
- éveilléawake, awaken, alert, awoke, wakeful, bright
- douégifted, talented, capable, able, accomplished, bright
- souriantsmiling, cheerful, pleasant, bright, beaming, welcoming
- animélively, animated, busy, animate, active, bright
- habileclever, skilful, skilled, skillful, deft, bright
- contentcontent, happy, glad, pleased, satisfied, bright
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