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Amer.  |ɪnˈkləʊz|  American pronunciation of the word enclose
Brit.  |ɪnˈkləʊz|  British pronunciation of the word enclose


- encerrar o envolver completamente con o como si fuera con una cubiertaEd (syn: enfold, envelop, enwrap, wrap)
- acercarseEd (syn: confine, hold in)
darkness enclosed him
- rodear completamenteEd (syn: close in, inclose, shut in)
darkness enclosed him
- colocar, encajar o empujar (algo) en otra cosaEd (syn: inclose, insert, introduce, put in)

Matrix of words


- encerrarenclose, lock up, shut, confine, encase, shut up
- adjuntarattach, enclose, include, append, add, annex
- cercarfence, encircle, hedge, enclose, encompass, besiege
- rodearsurround, encircle, circle, enclose, encompass, wrap
- acompañaraccompany, join, escort, attach, go along with, partner
- meterput, insert, place, shove, dip, enclose
- ponerput, add, place, set, lay, enclose
- encajarfit, insert, dovetail, encase, enclose, put up with
- remitir adjuntoenclose, inclose
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