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Amer.  |səˈraʊnd|  American pronunciation of the word surround
Brit.  |səˈraʊnd|  British pronunciation of the word surround


- el área en la que algo existe o viveEd (syn: environment, environs, surroundings)
the country--the flat agricultural surround


- extender en todos los lados simultáneamente; Ed (syn: border, environ, ring, skirt)
The forest surrounds my property
- envolver completamenteEd (syn: smother)
- rodear para obligar a rendirseEd (syn: beleaguer, besiege, circumvent, hem in)
- rodear con un muro para fortificarEd (syn: fence, fence in, palisade, wall)

Matrix of words


- rodearsurround, encircle, circle, enclose, encompass, wrap
- envolverwrap, involve, envelop, wrap up, surround, enfold
- coparsurround, cut off, sweep the board, walk away, walk off
- sitiarbesiege, surround, invest, beleaguer
- circundarcircle, surround, circuit
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