Make up - traducción, pronunciación, transcripción

Amer.  |ˈmeɪk ʌp|  American pronunciation of the word make up
Brit.  |ˈmeɪkʌp|  British pronunciation of the word make up


- formar o componerEd (syn: be, comprise, constitute, represent)
- idear o componerEd
- hacer o dar algo a alguien a cambioEd (syn: compensate, pay, pay off)
- recuperar el trabajo que se perdió debido a una ausencia en un momento posteriorEd
I have to make up a French exam
- inventar algo artificial o falsoEd (syn: fabricate, invent, manufacture)
- poner en orden o arreglarEd (syn: make)
make up a room
- ajustar paraEd (syn: compensate, correct, counterbalance)
- llegar a un acuerdoEd (syn: conciliate, patch up, reconcile, settle)
- aplicar maquillaje o cosméticos en la cara para lucir más bonitaEd

Matrix of words


- maquillarmake up
- hacerdo, make, ask, be, cause, make up
- componercompose, make up, repair, mend, set, set up
- constituirconstitute, establish, make up, instruct
- formarform, train, shape, educate, make up, marshal
- inventarinvent, make up, devise, fabricate, think up, dream up
- completarcomplete, follow up, consummate
- reponerreplenish, replace, make up, revive, rerun
- cubrircover, coat, serve, drape, overlay, blanket
- prepararprepare, make, ready, train, draw up, make up
- hacer las pacesmake peace, make up, patch up
- maquillarsemake up
- confeccionarmake, prepare, concoct, make up, put together
- fabricarmanufacture, make, produce, fabricate, make up, brew
- reconciliarsemake up, become reconciled, reunite, come together
- redactarwrite, draw up, edit, word, redact, phrase
- pintarsepaint, make up, tart up
- fabularfable, make up
- echar carbónmake up
- caracterizarsemake up
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