Get in - traduction, transcription

Amer.  |ˈɡet ɪn|
Brit.  |ˈɡet ɪn|


- entrer ou entrerEd (syn: come in, enter, go in)
- réussir dans une grande mesure; Ed (syn: arrive)
- obtenir une place dans un collège, une université, etc.Ed
- des trains; Ed (syn: draw in, move in, pull in)

Matrix of words


- entrerenter, come in, get in, go in, login, move in
- entrer dansenter into, get into, go into, join, enter in, get in
- rentrerreturn, get in, go in, insert, drive back, run into
- participerparticipate, take part, involve, engage, contribute, get in
- arriverarrive, happen, reach, come, occur, get in
- pénétrer danspenetrate, get in, permeate
- faire venirsend for, summon, call in, order, get in, bring round
- intégrerintegrate, incorporate, include, enter, get in
- se glisserslip, creep, slide, sneak, squeeze, get in
- se faire admettreget in
- accéder au pouvoirtake power, get in
- planterplant, grow, stick, seed, dig, get in
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