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Amer.  |ˈsmʌðər|  American pronunciation of the word smother
Brit.  |ˈsmʌðə|  British pronunciation of the word smother


- una multitud confusa de cosasEd (syn: clutter, fuddle, jumble, muddle, welter)
- una sofocante nube de humoEd


- envolver completamenteEd (syn: surround)
smother the meat in gravy
- privar de oxígeno y evitar respirarEd (syn: asphyxiate, suffocate)
Othello smothered Desdemona with a pillow
- reprimir para ocultar u ocultarEd (syn: muffle, repress, stifle, strangle)
smother a yawn
- formar una cubierta impenetrable sobreEd
the butter cream smothered the cake
- privar del oxígeno necesario para la combustiónEd (syn: put out)
smother fires

Matrix of words


- ahogardrown, choke, stifle, smother, suffocate, suppress
- apagarturn off, put out, blow out, turn out, douse, smother
- contenercontain, hold, include, restrain, hold back, smother
- ahogarsedrown, choke, suffocate, stifle, smother
- sofocarsesuffocate, choke, smother, stifle, flush
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