Put out - traducción, transcripción

Amer.  |ˈpʊt ˈaʊt|
Brit.  |ˈpʊt ˈaʊt|


- para causar molestias o molestias aEd (syn: bother, discommode, disoblige, incommode, inconvenience, trouble)
- hacer un esfuerzo considerableEd
He put out the same for seven managers
- privar del oxígeno necesario para la combustiónEd (syn: smother)
- empujar o extenderEd (syn: extend, hold out, stretch out)
- apagar, como una vela o una luzEd (syn: douse)
- ser sexualmente activoEd
She is supposed to put out
- porque estar en una jugada de campoEd (syn: retire)
- retirarseEd
he was put out at third base on a long throw from left field
- preparar y emitir para distribución pública o ventaEd (syn: bring out, issue, publish, release)
- administrar un fármaco anestésico paraEd (syn: anaesthetise, anaesthetize, anesthetize)

Matrix of words


- apagarturn off, put out, blow out, turn out, douse, smother
- ponerput, add, place, set, lay, put out
- sacartake, get, draw, take out, bring out, put out
- poner fueraput out, lay out
- extinguirextinguish, put out, wipe out, put down, exterminate, die off
- sofocarstifle, suffocate, put down, choke, quench, put out
- hacerdo, make, ask, be, cause, put out
- extenderextend, spread, expand, stretch, spread out, enlarge
- salirleave, get out, go out, go, come out, put out
- echarcast, throw, put, lay, pour, put out
- tendertend, lay, extend, spread, lay out, put out
- alargarlengthen, extend, elongate, reach, draw out, spin out
- producirproduce, yield, result in, generate, bring about, develop
- expulsarexpel, eject, out, drive out, oust, push out
- poner en la calleput out, turn out
- invertirinvest, invert, put, put out, tie up, lay out
- enfadaranger, annoy, irritate, displease, put out, bore
- hacer correrrun, race, put about, put out, live up, put around
- asomarshow, poke, peep, poke out, stick out, put out
- poner a secarput out
- molestarsetrouble, worry, put out, put oneself out
- molestardisturb, bother, annoy, trouble, tease, put out
- enchincharput out
- mandar a pasearseput out
- echar al marjettison, put out
- hacerse a la marput to sea, put out, put off
- incomodarinconvenience, trouble, incommode, put upon
- dislocarsedislocate, put out
- irritar aanger, aggravate, nettle, chafe, put out
- desacomodarput out, discharge
- dar fueraput out
- sacar a luzbring to light, bring out, dredge up, show up, put out, come to light
- desahuciarevict, dispossess, oust, give up, put out, give up hope for
- diseminardisseminate, put out, put around, put about
- dislocarput out
- enojaranger, annoy, displease
- poner fuera de combateknock out, put out, lay out
- desconcertardisconcert, puzzle, baffle, confuse, mystify, put out
- publicarpublish, publicize, print, insert in a newspaper, bring out, put out
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