Take up - traducción, pronunciación, transcripción

Amer.  |ˈteɪk ʌp|  American pronunciation of the word take up
Brit.  |teɪk ʌp|  British pronunciation of the word take up


- perseguir o reanudarEd
take up a matter for consideration
- adoptarEd
take up new ideas
- dirigir el interés de uno aEd
- ocupar tiempo o espacioEd
take up the slack
- comenzar a trabajar o actuar en una determinada capacidad, oficina o trabajoEd (syn: start)
- tomar y practicar como propioEd (syn: adopt, borrow, take over)
- ocupar o asumirEd (syn: assume, strike, take)
- absorber un líquido o un gas por adsorción o por absorciónEd (syn: sorb)
- sacar o subir con o como con una palaEd (syn: scoop, scoop up)
- aceptarEd (syn: take in)
- asimilar, también metafóricamenteEd (syn: absorb, draw, imbibe, suck, suck up, take in)
- tomar como con una esponjaEd (syn: suck in, take in)
- volver a una ubicación o condición anteriorEd (syn: resume)

Matrix of words


- tomartake, have, drink, catch, take up, take on
- ocuparoccupy, fill, take, hold, take up, take over
- aceptaraccept, take, agree, embrace, take up, allow
- absorberabsorb, soak up, take up, engross, suck in, sop up
- recogercollect, pick, pick up, gather, harvest, take up
- emprenderundertake, start, launch, take up, set out, take on
- iniciarstart, initiate, launch, open, log in, take up
- establecerestablish, set, set up, lay down, form, settle
- cogertake, catch, get, pick, pick up, take up
- dedicarse aengage in, take up, be engaged, embrace, go in for, knuckle down
- reanudarresume, restart, renew, recommence
- tomar posesión detake possession of, take over, take up, accede
- empuñarwield, take up, grasp, grip, clutch, clench
- subirupload, rise, go up, come up, walk up, take up
- empezarstart, begin, get, start off, commence, take up
- comenzarstart, begin, commence, initiate, launch, take up
- fijarset, fix, determine, fasten, focus, settle
- llenarfill, fill out, fill up, fill in, load, stuff
- quitarremove, take away, take off, pull off, take out, take up
- instalarinstall, set up, establish, instal, lay, put in
- dar comienzoinitiate, lead off, take up
- cobrarcharge, collect, receive, gain, get, retrieve
- estrecharnarrow, tighten, grasp, tighten up
- censurarcensor, censure, condemn, rebuke, decry, deprecate
- hacer llenadotake up
- dar iniciolead off, take up
- quedarstay, remain, keep, rest, stick around, come up
- empezar a contartake up
- relacionarsebe related, be connected, pertain, take up
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