Go through - traducción, transcripción

Amer.  |ˈɡəʊ θruː|
Brit.  |ɡəʊ θruː|


- sufrir o vivir una experiencia difícilEd (syn: experience, see)
We had many trials to go through
- aplicar minuciosamente; Ed (syn: run through, work through)
- comer completamente, como con gran apetitoEd (syn: consume, demolish, devour, down)

Matrix of words


- pasar a travésgo through
- pasarpass, go, happen, move, get, go through
- sufrirsuffer, experience, sustain, go through, trouble, come under
- repasarreview, go over, revise, brush up, go through, repass
- experimentarexperiment, undergo, feel, experiment with, test, go through
- examinarexamine, consider, review, look at, inspect, go through
- penetrarpenetrate, permeate, fathom, break through, infiltrate, go through
- hacersebecome, get, go, form, grow into, go through
- gastarspend, expend, waste, burn, wear, go through
- estudiarstudy, investigate, look at, research, survey, go through
- repasar ago over, go through, vet, overhaul
- aprobarsego through
- ser aceptadobe accepted, sell, go through, get through, pass
- usaruse, wear, utilize, employ, draw on, go through
- ser aprobadopass, come, get through, go through
- votarsego through
- concluirseend, go through
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