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Amer.  |kʌm|  American pronunciation of the word come
Brit.  |kʌm|  British pronunciation of the word come
irregular verb:  p.t. — came  p.p. — come


- el líquido blanco espeso que contiene espermatozoides que es eyaculado por el tracto genital masculinoEd (syn: cum, ejaculate, seed, semen)


- moverse hacia, viajar hacia algo o alguien o acercarse a algo o alguienEd (syn: come up)
come down here!
come out of the closet!
come into the room
- llegar a un destino; Ed (syn: arrive, get)
- llegar a suceder Ed
Dawn comes early in June
- alcanzar o ingresar a un estado, relación, condición, uso o posiciónEd
come into contact with a terrorist group
your wish will come true
- ser el producto o resultadoEd (syn: follow)
Melons come from a vine
Understanding comes from experience
- ser encontrado o disponibleEd
These shoes come in three colors; The furniture comes unassembled
- ven adelanteEd
- ser nativo deEd (syn: hail)
- extender o alcanzarEd
The sleeves come to your knuckles
- existen u ocurren en un cierto punto de una serieEd
- cubrir una cierta distanciaEd
- venir bajo, ser clasificado o incluidoEd (syn: fall)
This comes under a new heading
- suceder como resultadoEd
Nothing good will come of this
- sumar en número o cantidadEd (syn: add up, amount, number, total)
- convertirse enEd (syn: add up, amount)
- ser recibidoEd (syn: come in)
- viene a la mente de uno; Ed (syn: occur)
- viene de; Ed (syn: derive, descend)
he comes from humble origins
- proceder o llevarse bienEd (syn: do, fare, get along, make out)
He's come a long way
- experimentar el orgasmoEd
she could not come because she was too upset
- tener una cierta prioridadEd
My family comes first

Matrix of words


- venircome, come round, come through, come across, come of
- llegarget, reach, arrive, come, get in, come in
- serbe, come, come of, play
- pasarpass, go, happen, move, get, come
- ocurriroccur, happen, take place, pass, come about, befall
- ir aget, visit, attend, come in for
- hacerdo, make, ask, be, cause, render
- acabarend, finish, complete, terminate, come, wind up
- terminarend, finish, complete, end up, terminate, conclude
- corrersecome, shoot, blot, move along
- concluirconclude, end, finish, close, infer, wind up
- hacer llegarcome
- llevar a cabocarry out, accomplish, implement, carry through, effect, come
- hacer venircome, have up, call in
- cesarcease, stop, end, terminate, break, let up
- rebasarexceed, overtake, overrun, outflank, outrun
- ser aprobadopass, come, get through, go through
- hacer irsecome
- merecer la aprobación decome
- hacer acercarsecome
- pasar por delante depass, come
- completarcomplete, follow up, consummate
- rematartop off, auction, kill off, knock down
- finalizarfinalize, terminate, conclude, close, expire, come
- expresarexpress, voice, say, state, articulate, utter
- aprobarapprove, pass, adopt, endorse, agree, support
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