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Amer.  |ɡet|  American pronunciation of the word get
Brit.  |ɡet|  British pronunciation of the word get
irregular verb:  p.t. — got  p.p. — got


- una devolución de un tiro que parecía imposible de alcanzar y que normalmente habría resultado en un punto para el oponenteEd


- entrar en posesión de algo concreto o abstractoEd (syn: acquire)
- entrar o asumir un cierto estado o condiciónEd (syn: become, go)
It must be getting more serious
- hacer que se mueva; Ed (syn: have, let)
- recibir un tratamiento específico (resumen)Ed (syn: find, incur, obtain, receive)
- llegar a un destino; Ed (syn: arrive, come)
She didn't get to Chicago until after midnight
- ir o venir después y traer o recuperarEd (syn: bring, convey, fetch)
- atravesar (estados o experiencias mentales o físicas)Ed (syn: experience, have, receive)
get an idea
get nauseous
- tomar venganza o desquitarseEd (syn: fix, pay back, pay off)
We'll get them!
- lograr un punto o metaEd (syn: have, make)
- causa para hacer; Ed (syn: cause, have, induce, make, stimulate)
- tener éxito en la captura o incautación, especialmente después de una persecuciónEd (syn: capture, catch)
- llegar a tener o sufrir un cambio de (características y atributos físicos)Ed (syn: acquire, develop, grow, produce)
- ser afectado por una enfermedad, ser víctima de una enfermedadEd (syn: contract, take)
- comunicarse con un lugar o persona; Ed
The operator couldn't get Kobe because of the earthquake
- dar ciertas propiedades a algoEd (syn: make)
get someone mad
- moverse en la dirección deseada del discursoEd (syn: aim, drive)
- captar con la mente o desarrollar una comprensión deEd (syn: catch)
did you get it?
She didn't get the joke
I just don't get him
- atraer y arreglarEd (syn: arrest, catch)
- alcanzar con un golpe o golpe en un lugar en particularEd (syn: catch)
- alcanzar por cálculoEd
What do you get when you add up these numbers?
- adquirir como resultado de algún esfuerzo o acciónEd
You cannot get water out of a stone
Where did she get these news?
- compraEd
What did you get at the toy store?
- percibir escuchandoEd (syn: catch)
She didn't get his name when they met the first time
- sufrir por la recepción deEd (syn: catch)
- recibir como retribución o castigoEd (syn: receive)
- vete inmediatamente; Ed (syn: bugger off, buzz off, scram)
- alcanzar y abordarEd
- irritarEd
Her childish behavior really get to me
His lying really gets me
- evocar una respuesta emocionalEd
Brahms's 'Requiem' gets me every time
- aprehender y reproducir con precisiónEd (syn: catch)
- ganar o lograr una base al ser caminado por el lanzadorEd (syn: draw)
- vencer o destruirEd
- ser un misterio o desconcertante paraEd (syn: amaze, baffle, beat, bewilder, dumbfound, flummox, gravel, mystify, nonplus, perplex, pose, puzzle, stick, stupefy, vex)
- dar el primer paso o pasos para llevar a cabo una acciónEd (syn: begin, commence, get down, set about, set out, start, start out)
Let's get down to work now
- someterse (a partir de lesiones y enfermedades)Ed (syn: have, suffer, sustain)
- hacer (descendencia) por reproducciónEd (syn: beget, bring forth, engender, father, generate, mother, sire)

Matrix of words


- obtenerget, obtain, earn, secure, derive, acquire
- llegarget, reach, arrive, come, get in, come in
- conseguirget, achieve, obtain, gain, attain, accomplish
- recibirreceive, get, welcome, take in, bow in
- hacerdo, make, ask, be, cause, render
- ponersewear, put on, become, up, turn, don
- sacartake, get, draw, take out, bring out, extract
- lograrachieve, accomplish, get, attain, reach, obtain
- hacersebecome, get, go, form, grow into, go through
- cogertake, catch, get, pick, pick up, grab
- buscarsearch, search for, look, seek, look for, look up
- empezarstart, begin, get, start off, commence, initiate
- adquiriracquire, purchase, gain, get, obtain, pick up
- pasarpass, go, happen, move, get, go by
- comprarbuy, purchase, get, buy up, pick up, invest in
- llamarcall, get, knock, ring, name, call up
- llevarseget, take away, win, carry away, carry off, walk away
- ganarwin, earn, gain, make, get, beat
- traerbring, bring in, get, carry, bring along, wear
- ir aget, visit, attend, come in for
- captarcapture, catch, attract, get, pick up, understand
- volversebecome, turn, go, get, turn around, turn back
- entenderunderstand, grasp, realize, comprehend, get, believe
- agarrargrab, grasp, grip, catch, hold, get
- darseassume, lend, dedicate, take to, exchange
- llegar a serbecome, get, grow into, blossom into
- ir porgo for, get, take, fetch
- prepararprepare, make, ready, train, draw up, draft
- cobrarcharge, collect, receive, gain, get, retrieve
- ir a buscarfetch, get, go for
- pararstop, halt, end, end up, parry, cease
- largarseget, scoot, take off, split, make off, bugger off
- cazarhunt, chase, get, bag, go after, prowl
- marcarmark, dial, score, set, tick, check off
- comprenderunderstand, comprise, comprehend, include, grasp, get
- dar enhit, get, develop, land, pip
- detenerstop, halt, arrest, detain, keep, stay
- convertirse enbecome
- persuadirpersuade, induce, argue, lead, bring around, get round
- prenderturn on, catch, take, arrest, apprehend, get
- sintonizartune in, syntonize
- granjearseget
- transformarse enget
- haberhave
- hacerse detenerget
- atribuirattribute, ascribe, assign, refer, affix
- atribuirsearrogate to, get
- trasladarmove, transfer, translate, move house
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