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Amer.  |laɪk|  American pronunciation of the word like
Brit.  |laɪk|  British pronunciation of the word like


- un tipo similarEd
dogs, foxes, and the like
we don't want the likes of you around here
- una especie de personaEd (syn: ilk)
We'll not see his like again


- prefiero o deseo hacer algoEd (syn: care, wish)
Would you like to come along to the movies?
- encontrar agradable o agradableEd
I like jogging
She likes to read Russian novels
- ser aficionadoEd
I like my nephews
- sentir sobre o hacia; Ed
How did you like the President's speech last night?
- querer tenerEd
I'd like a beer now!


- conforme en todos los aspectosEd (syn: comparable, corresponding)
the like period of the preceding year

Matrix of words


- gustarlike, taste, love, please, appeal, interest
- quererwant, love, wish, will, like, cherish
- pensarthink, reflect, ponder, contemplate, think out, guess
- tratartreat, process, try on, attend, behave towards
- gustarselike
- caerfall, drop, fall down, fall off, fall out, like
- caersefall, drop, fall down, fall over, topple, tumble
- probartry, test, prove, taste, try out, sample
- soñardream
- tener cariñolike, hold dear
- ser aficionadolike
- rendirsesurrender, give up, give in, submit, capitulate
- amainarsesubside, abate, drop, like, fall, die down
- estar en declivefall, like, shelve, fall away
- poner a pruebatest, try, try out, prove, put through his paces, like
- disminuirdecrease, reduce, diminish, lower, decline, fall
- descenderdescend, fall, go down, sink, ramp, like


- comoas, like
- parecidolike
- como algolike


- comoas, like, by way of, qua
- propiolike


- igualequal, same, like, alike, even, uniform
- parecidolike, similar, alike, akin, lifelike, equal
- semejantesuch, similar, like, alike, analogous, approaching
- mismosame, very, one, like, selfsame, precise
- idénticoidentical, same, like, identic, selfsame, self
- pareven, equal, like
- no distintolike
- no diversolike
- no diferentelike


- los semejantelike


- de mismo modolike
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