Go down - traducción, transcripción

Amer.  |ˈɡəʊ ˈdaʊn|
Brit.  |ɡəʊ daʊn|


- moverse hacia abajo y hacia abajo, pero no necesariamente todo el caminoEd (syn: come down, descend, fall)
- hundirseEd (syn: go under, settle, sink)
- hacerse más pequeñoEd (syn: decline, wane)
- ser grabado o recordadoEd
She will go down as the first feminist
- ser ingeridoEd
The food wouldn't go down
- ser derrotadoEd
If America goes down, the free world will go down, too
- desaparecer más allá del horizonteEd (syn: go under, set)
- dejar de operarEd (syn: crash)

Matrix of words


- bajarlower, go down, get off, descend, drop, come down
- descenderdescend, fall, go down, sink, ramp, fall away
- caerfall, drop, fall down, fall off, fall out, go down
- hundirsesink, plunge, go down, sag, go under, slump
- ponersewear, put on, become, up, turn, go down
- caersefall, drop, fall down, fall over, topple, go down
- decaerdecay, decline, fail, fall off, fall away, go down
- cogertake, catch, get, pick, pick up, go down
- marcharseleave, go, go away, depart, quit, go off
- ser recordadogo down
- desinflarsego down
- terminar el cursogo down, break up
- irse caminandowalk away, walk off, get along, go down, lap over, get out
- salir de la universidadgo down
- ponerse aguantargo down
- tragarseswallow, engulf, gobble, gulp, pocket, go down
- ser aceptablego down, go down well
- poderse aguantargo down
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