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Amer.  |smɔːl|  American pronunciation of the word small
Brit.  |smɔːl|  British pronunciation of the word small


- la parte delgada de la espaldaEd
- una talla de prenda para una persona pequeñaEd


- relativamente moderado, limitado o pequeñoEd (syn: minor, modest, pocket-size, small-scale)
a small business
small-scale plans
- (de niños y animales) joven, inmaduroEd (syn: little)
small children
- leve o limitado; Ed
a series of death struggles with small time in between
- baja o inferior en estación o calidadEd (syn: humble, low, lowly, modest)
small beginnings
- minúsculaEd (syn: little, minuscule)
small a
- (de una voz) débilEd (syn: little)
a still small voice
- tienen partículas constituyentes finas o muy pequeñasEd
a small misty rain
- no es grande pero suficiente en tamaño o cantidadEd (syn: modest)
helped in my own small way
- hecho para parecer más pequeño o menos (especialmente en valor)Ed (syn: diminished)
her comments made me feel small


- a pequeña escalaEd
think small

Matrix of words


- pequeñosmall, little, short, slight, low, petty
- menorless, smaller, minor, lesser, least, small
- bajolow, lower, bass, small, base, short
- escasolittle, low, scarce, sparse, small, limited
- chicosmall, little
- insignificanteinsignificant, small, trifling, trivial, unimportant, inconsiderable
- menudosmall, piddling, doited, minute
- estrechonarrow, close, tight, cramped, small, intimate
- humildehumble, poor, low, small, mean, lower
- morroñosorough, small, wretched
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