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Amer.  |əˈreɪndʒ|  American pronunciation of the word arrange
Brit.  |əˈreɪn(d)ʒ|  British pronunciation of the word arrange


- poner en un orden adecuado o sistemáticoEd (syn: set up)
arrange the books on the shelves in chronological order
- hacer arreglos paraEd (syn: fix up)
Can you arrange a meeting with the President?
- planificar, organizar y llevar a cabo (un evento)Ed (syn: stage)
- establecer (material impreso) en un formato específicoEd (syn: format)
- organizar de manera atractivaEd (syn: coif, coiffure, do, dress, set)
- adaptarse al rendimiento de una manera diferenteEd (syn: set)
- organizar pensamientos, ideas, eventos temporalesEd (syn: order, put, set up)
arrange my schedule

Matrix of words


- organizarorganize, arrange, host, be organized, stage, put together
- ordenarsort, order, arrange, command, ordain, rank
- arreglarfix, arrange, settle, sort, fix up, mend
- disponerprovide, dispose, arrange, order, prepare, lay out
- concertararrange, coordinate, agree to, tune, adjust
- acordaragree, agree on, arrange, agree upon, accord, resolve
- gestionarmanage, arrange, control, negotiate, transact, engineer
- fijarset, fix, determine, fasten, focus, settle
- conveniragree, suit, arrange, concur, fall in, answer
- planearplan, glide, design, arrange, devise, plane
- ponerput, add, place, set, lay, arrange
- resolversolve, resolve, settle, decide, work out, arrange
- adaptaradapt, adjust, fit, accommodate, suit, arrange
- ponerse de acuerdoagree, arrange
- decidirdecide, determine, rule, adjudge, make decision, clinch
- señalar parapinpoint, blaze, scar, plot, arrange
- prevenirforestall, warn, caution, forewarn, previse
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