Hold up - traducción, pronunciación, transcripción

Amer.  |həʊld ʌp|  American pronunciation of the word hold up
Brit.  |ˈhəʊldʌp|  British pronunciation of the word hold up


- ser el soporte físico de; Ed (syn: hold, support, sustain)
- sostenga algo como ejemplo; Ed
- hacer que se ralentice o se retraseEd (syn: delay, detain)
- Robar a punta de pistola o por medio de alguna otra amenaza.Ed (syn: stick up)
- sigue viviendo y evita morirEd (syn: endure, go, hold out, last, live, live on, survive)
- resistir o confrontar con resistenciaEd (syn: defy, hold, withstand)
- resistir o soportar el desgaste, las críticas, etc.Ed (syn: stand up)
Her shoes won't hold up

Matrix of words


- sostenerhold, sustain, support, maintain, uphold, hold up
- soportarbear, endure, hold, put up with, hold up, abide
- mantenerkeep, maintain, hold, sustain, support, hold up
- levantarlift, raise, pick up, build, get up, lift up
- retrasardelay, retard, hold up, set back, turn back, pull back
- detenerstop, halt, arrest, detain, keep, hold up
- atracardock, berth, moor, rob, hold up, tie up
- alzarraise, lift, lift up, hoist, hold up, raise up
- asaltarassault, storm, raid, attack, assail, hold up
- interrumpirinterrupt, disrupt, discontinue, halt, cut off, hold up
- durarlast, endure, continue, linger, last out, hold up
- mostrarshow, display, exhibit, present, indicate, hold up
- suspendersuspend, stay, stop, discontinue, call off, hold up
- apoyarsupport, back, sustain, rest, uphold, hold up
- pararstop, halt, end, end up, parry, hold up
- enseñarteach, show, train, instruct, educate, hold up
- atrasarslow down, set back, put back, hold up
- seguir en piehold up
- seguir buenohold, hold up
- entretenerentertain, amuse, keep, occupy, distract, hold up
- mantenerse bienhold up
- presentarpresent, submit, introduce, show, display, exhibit
- mantener el erguidohold up
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