Terminate - traducción, pronunciación, transcripción

Amer.  |ˈtɜːrmeɪt|  American pronunciation of the word terminate
Brit.  |ˈtɜːmɪneɪt|  British pronunciation of the word terminate


- poner fin o detenerEd (syn: end)
The attack on Poland terminated the relatively peaceful period after WW I
- tener un fin, en un sentido temporal, espacial o cuantitativo; Ed (syn: cease, end, finish, stop)
the bronchioles terminate in a capillary bed
- ser el final de; Ed (syn: end)
- rescindir el empleo de; Ed (syn: can, dismiss, displace, fire, sack, send away)
The company terminated 25% of its workers

Matrix of words


- terminarend, finish, complete, end up, terminate, conclude
- finalizarfinalize, terminate, conclude, close, expire, closure
- acabarend, finish, complete, terminate, come, wind up
- cesarcease, stop, end, terminate, break, let up
- terminarseterminate
- finalizarseterminate
- acabarserun out, finish, terminate, peter out
- cesarseterminate
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