Let up - traducción, pronunciación, transcripción

Amer.  |ˈlet ʌp|
Brit.  |ˈletʌp|  British pronunciation of the word let up


- disminuir en cantidad o intensidadEd (syn: abate, die away, slack, slack off)
The rain let up after a few hours
- reducir la presión o la intensidadEd (syn: ease off, ease up)

Matrix of words


- aflojarloosen, slacken, loose, relax, ease, let up
- cesarcease, stop, end, terminate, break, let up
- terminarend, finish, complete, end up, terminate, let up
- acabarend, finish, complete, terminate, come, let up
- dejar de presionarlet up
- tener indiferencialet up
- ser indiferentelet up
- trabajar con menos intensidadlet up
- tener alma serenalet up
- ser tranquilolet up, forbear
- venir a finallet up
- hacerse moderadolet up
- tener alma sosalet up
- relatartell, relate, report, describe
- tener alma indiferentelet up
- llegar a finlet up, come to an end
- tratartreat, process, try on, attend, behave towards
- poseer indiferencialet up
- tomar calmantelet up
- narrarnarrate, relate, report, recite, let up
- finalizarfinalize, terminate, conclude, close, expire, closure
- describirdescribe, depict, portray, explain, picture, paint
- moderarsemoderate, ease, abate, let up
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