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Amer.  |kənˈtɪnjuː|  American pronunciation of the word continue
Brit.  |kənˈtɪnjuː|  British pronunciation of the word continue


- continuer un certain état, condition ou activitéEd (syn: go along, go on, keep, proceed)
We continued to work into the night
- continue de parlerEd (syn: carry on, go on, proceed)
'I know it's hard', he continued, 'but there is no choice'
- garder ou maintenir dans un état inchangé; Ed (syn: bear on, carry on, preserve, uphold)
continue the family tradition
- aller de l'avant; Ed (syn: proceed)
She continued in the direction of the hills
- permettre de rester dans un endroit ou une position ou de maintenir une propriété ou une caractéristiqueEd (syn: keep, keep on, retain)
We cannot continue several servants any longer
- faire quelque chose à plusieurs reprises et ne montrer aucune intention d'arrêterEd
We continued our research into the cause of the illness
- continuer après une interruptionEd
The demonstration continued after a break for lunch
- continuer dans un lieu, une position ou une situationEd (syn: remain, stay, stay on)
She continued as deputy mayor for another year
- couvrir un intervalle de distance, d'espace ou de tempsEd (syn: cover, extend)
The Archipelago continues for another 500 miles
- existent sur une période de temps prolongéeEd
The bad weather continued for two more weeks

Matrix of words


- continuercontinue, keep, proceed, go on, keep on, maintain
- poursuivrecontinue, pursue, prosecute, proceed, carry, follow
- resterstay, remain, keep, continue, be left, stick
- reprendreresume, take, take back, continue, pick up, restart
- durerlast, take, continue, endure, hold, cover
- perpétuerperpetuate, continue
- persisterpersist, continue, last, persevere, lurk


- la continuationcontinuation, continue, continuance, resumption
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