Sustain - traduction, prononciation, transcription

Amer.  |səˈsteɪn|  American pronunciation of the word sustain
Brit.  |səˈsteɪn|  British pronunciation of the word sustain


- allonger ou prolonger la durée ou l'espaceEd (syn: keep up, prolong)
We sustained the diplomatic negotiations as long as possible
- subir (à partir de blessures et de maladies)Ed (syn: get, have, suffer)
- nourrirEd (syn: nourish, nurture)
We sustained ourselves on bread and water
- approvisionnement en produits de première nécessité et assistanceEd (syn: keep, maintain)
She alone sustained her family
The money will sustain our good cause
- être le support physique de; Ed (syn: hold, hold up, support)
- admettre comme valideEd
The court sustained the motion
- établir ou renforcer comme avec de nouvelles preuves ou faitsEd (syn: affirm, confirm, corroborate, substantiate, support)

Matrix of words


- soutenirsupport, sustain, back, argue, uphold, bolster
- maintenirmaintain, sustain, retain, preserve, uphold, steady
- supportersupport, bear, endure, stand, carry, sustain
- poursuivrecontinue, pursue, prosecute, proceed, carry, sustain
- subirundergo, suffer, incur, sustain, go through
- tenirhold, keep, have, fulfill, convene, sustain
- prolongerextend, prolong, lengthen, sustain, stretch, protract
- sustentersustain
- corroborercorroborate, confirm, bear out, sustain
- admettreadmit, accept, allow, acknowledge, assume, sustain
- donner des épreuvessustain
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