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Amer.  |send|  American pronunciation of the word send
Brit.  |send|  British pronunciation of the word send
irregular verb:  p.t. — sent  p.p. — sent


- porque ir a alguna parteEd (syn: direct)
- para causar u ordenar que sea tomado, dirigido o transmitido a otro lugarEd (syn: send out)
- hacer que se dirija o transmita a otro lugarEd (syn: mail, post)
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- transporte comercialEd (syn: ship, transport)
- asignar a una estaciónEd (syn: place, post, station)
- transferirEd (syn: get off, send off)
- causa para ser admitido; Ed (syn: charge, commit, institutionalize)
- Transmitido por ondas, como en radio o televisión.Ed (syn: air, beam, broadcast, transmit)

Matrix of words


- enviarsend, post, ship, forward, dispatch, despatch
- mandarsend, command, order, send out, send in, lead
- transmitirtransmit, convey, broadcast, pass on, send, give
- lanzarlaunch, throw, release, pitch, send, shoot
- emitirissue, emit, cast, give, broadcast, send
- despachardispatch, send, despatch, serve, dispose of, finish
- expedirissue, send, expedite, draw up, make out, send away
- cursarstudy
- echarcast, throw, put, lay, pour, send
- mandar a alguiensend
- mandar un recadosend
- volver agrioturn, tie up, send, turn around, turn about
- chiflarhiss
- endilgarfoist, indite, send
- ponerput, add, place, set, lay, send
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