Turn around - traducción, transcripción

Amer.  |ˈtɜːn əˈraʊnd|
Brit.  |tɜːn əˈraʊnd|


- girar en una dirección o posición opuestaEd (syn: reversal)


- Gire abruptamente y mire hacia el otro lado, ya sea física o metafóricamenteEd
My conscience told me to turn around before I made a mistake
- mejorar dramáticamenteEd
- mejorar significativamente; Ed (syn: pick up)

Matrix of words


- girarturn, rotate, spin, revolve, twist, turn around
- cambiarchange, switch, shift, exchange, alter, turn around
- volversebecome, turn, go, get, turn around, turn back
- volverreturn, go back, come back, get back, turn, turn around
- transformartransform, turn, change, convert, process, turn around
- virartack, veer, turn around, put about, go about, turn about
- convertirconvert, turn, transform, proselytize, turn around, turn about
- revolverstir, turn, mix, turn around
- repuntarturn, turn around, turn about
- cambiar completamenteturn around, turn about
- pasarpass, go, happen, move, get, go by
- dar una vuelta completaturn around, turn about
- convertirseturn, convert, turn about, adapt
- torcertwist, turn, distort, change, inflect, turn around
- desviardivert, deviate, turn aside, ward off, look away, turn around
- hacer girarrotate, turn, pivot, revolve, whirl, turn around
- transformarseturn, turn around, turn about, throw
- agriarsesour, turn sour, turn, turn around, turn about
- dirigir aturn, aim at, turn around, set, turn about
- ponersewear, put on, become, up, turn, turn around
- cambiarsechange, alter, turn around, turn about
- volver al revésreverse, turn, turn around, turn about, invert
- volver agrioturn, tie up, send, turn around, turn about
- ir hastatail away, tail off, turn, trot, turn around, turn about
- girar sobre los talonesturn, turn round, turn around, turn about
- agriarsour, turn, turn around, turn about
- devolver aturn, turn around, throw up, turn about
- hacersebecome, get, go, form, grow into, go through
- destornillarunscrew, turn, screw off, turn around, turn about
- doblar porturn around, turn about
- dar vueltas aturn, rotate, turn around, wind, wind up
- trastornarunsettle, turn, shake, derange, dislocate, turn around
- dorarsebrown, turn, turn around, turn about
- descolorarsefade, discolor, discolour, turn, turn around, turn about
- mudarmove, change, shed, slough, molt, moult
- atornillarscrew
- tornearturn around, turn about
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