Fail - traducción, pronunciación, transcripción

Amer.  |feɪl|  American pronunciation of the word fail
Brit.  |feɪl|  British pronunciation of the word fail


- no hacer algo; Ed (syn: neglect)
She failed to notice that her child was no longer in his crib
The secretary failed to call the customer and the company lost the account
- no tener éxitoEd (syn: miscarry)
Where do today's public schools fail?
The attempt to rescue the hostages failed miserably
- decepcionar, demostrar que no es confiable; Ed (syn: betray)
His sense of smell failed him this time
His strength finally failed him
His children failed him in the crisis
- dejar de operar o funcionarEd (syn: break, break down, conk out, die, give out, go)
The engine failed on the way to town
- ser incapazEd
I fail to understand your motives
- juzgar inaceptableEd
The teacher failed six students
- no obtener una calificación aprobatoriaEd (syn: bomb, flunk)
She studied hard but failed nevertheless
Did I fail the test?
- se quedan cortos en lo que se esperaEd
She failed in her obligations as a good daughter-in-law
We must not fail his obligation to the victims of the Holocaust
- declararse en quiebra o insolvencia; Ed
A number of banks failed that year
- resultar insuficienteEd (syn: give out, run out)
The water supply for the town failed after a long drought
- empeorarEd

Matrix of words


- fallarfail, miss, misfire, backfire, let down, make a hash of it
- fracasarfail, break down, founder, fall through, go awry, come unstuck
- quebrarbreak, crack, bust, smash, go bust, tear
- faltarlack, fail, fall short, default, go back on, let down
- suspendersuspend, stay, stop, discontinue, call off, fail
- averiarsebreak down, fail, go wrong, pack up, give up
- desfallecerfalter, fail, weaken
- decaerdecay, decline, fail, fall off, fall away, go down
- debilitarseweaken, become weak, decline, fail, break, soften
- perdersebe lost, lose oneself, stray, waste, fade away, fade out
- malograrsefail, go wrong
- no aprobarfail
- decepcionardisappoint, let down, fail
- naufragarsink, be wrecked
- frustrarsefail, miscarry
- estropearsebreak down, break, spoil, get damaged, go bad, fail
- interrumpirsehalt, pause, break off, cut out, fail
- ser suspendidofail
- no tener éxitofail
- irsego, leave, depart, walk, go for, escape
- acabarserun out, finish, terminate, peter out
- encallarrun aground, ground, strand, fail, jam, strike
- no surtir efectofail
- salir mal enfail
- cortarsecut, cut out, saw, nick oneself
- hacer quebradofail
- irse de éxitotear down, draw, fail
- tener una averíafail
- dallarfail
- hacer interrumpidofail
- hacerse más débilfail


- la faltalack, foul, absence, need, fault, fail
- el suspensofailure, fail
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