Put down - traducción, pronunciación, transcripción

Amer.  |ˈpʊt ˈdaʊn|  American pronunciation of the word put down
Brit.  |ˈpʊtdaʊn|  British pronunciation of the word put down


- Causa para sentarse o sentarse o estar en una posición o lugar estableEd (syn: set down)
- poner en posición horizontalEd (syn: lay, repose)
- hacer que caiga al sueloEd (syn: bring down, land)
- reducir su valor o carácter, generalmente verbalmenteEd (syn: degrade, demean, disgrace, take down)
She tends to put down younger women colleagues
- retirar (cargamento, personas, etc.) de y dejarEd (syn: discharge, drop, drop off, set down, unload)
- poner (un animal) a muerteEd (syn: destroy)
the sick cat had to be put down
- poner por escrito; Ed (syn: get down, set down, write down)
- hacer un registro de; Ed (syn: enter, record)

Matrix of words


- ponerput, add, place, set, lay, put down
- dejarleave, let, stop, make, allow, put down
- sofocarstifle, suffocate, put down, choke, quench, put out
- acabar conkill, do away with, finish, destroy, break, put down
- reprimirsuppress, repress, quell, put down, fight down, keep back
- bajarlower, go down, get off, descend, drop, put down
- soltardrop, release, loosen, loose, free, put down
- depositardeposit, dispose of, put down
- poner en el sueloput down, set down
- sacrificarsacrifice, slaughter, give, give up, lay down, put down
- suprimirdelete, remove, suppress, cancel, lift, put down
- atribuirattribute, ascribe, assign, refer, affix
- dominarmaster, dominate, control, overpower, subdue, put down
- humillarhumiliate, humble, abase, put down, lower, mortify
- apuntarpoint, aim, record, write down, jot down, put down
- degradardegrade, downgrade, demote, break, demean, put down
- cerrarclose, shut, shut down, lock, close down, seal
- extinguirextinguish, put out, wipe out, put down, exterminate, die off
- poner por escritowrite, set down, write down, put down, get down
- disminuirdecrease, reduce, diminish, lower, decline, put down
- hacer callarsilence, quiet, shush, put down, gag, hush
- dejar sobreleave over, leave behind, put down, set down, put off, put aside
- pasarpass, go, happen, move, get, put down
- pagarpay, pay for, repay, pay back, pay out, put down
- dejar sin réplicaput down
- dejar apearseput down
- poner en tierraland, put down, lay down, touch down
- poner en cavaput down
- fondearanchor, sound, put down
- inscribirenroll, inscribe, sign on, enrol
- hacer un desembolso inicial deput down
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